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Wireless Network Service

Passengers may enjoy free-of-charge wireless LAN service (NewChitose_Airport_Free_Wi-Fi) and pay membership wireless LAN service through the communication facilities in domestic terminal building and international terminal building.

Free-of-charge wireless LAN service

To use the free-of-charge LAN service (NewChitose_Airport_Free_Wi_Fi), you have to accept the policy of NTT Broadband Platform that provides the service.

For the convenient use of passenger, no encryption methods such as WEP are applied in the service (the wireless network terminal shall be set up beforehand). In case of a need for encrypted communication, it is recommended to use the VPN(Virtual Private Network)or paid public wireless network service.

※Contact information for inquiry
   NTT BP information desk
   TEL : 0120-261-065
   (10:00~17:00 excluding Saturday, Sunday, festivals and the beginning and the end of a year)


[Basic information about wireless LAN setting]

SSID NewChitose_Airport_Free_Wi-Fi
Encryption No
IP address Automatic acquisition
DNS address Automatic acquisition

※To use the service, IP address and DNS server address have to be set as automatically acquired.
If IP address and DNS server address have been set, it is recommended to put down the setting.

This is an app that enables users to easily access to Wi-Fi nationwide

Pay member wireless LAN service

The service provided by the following communication companies is only available for those who have logged in as a member in advance.
※Please contact corresponding communication company in case of any inquiry about the service.

Domestic Terminal Building
docomoWi-Fi (NTT Docomo)
International Terminal Building
docomoWi-Fi (NTT Docomo)
  • docomo Wi-Fi